Celebrities at Auberge de Savièse

Alphadi, the “Magician of the Desert”

Seidnaly Sidhamed, better known as Alphadi, is a Nigerian fashion designer. While in Geneva, he came to the Auberge de Savièse to taste our Swiss specialities and kindly accepted to pose for a souvenir photo with Santiago, our boss. Alphadi is known for having created the International Festival of African Fashion (FIMA) which took place

Avec ou Sans Cash

The video from the Avec ou Sans Cash tv show that was shot in August 2016 at the Auberge de Savièse

Edouard Baer at the Auberge de Savièse

Edouard Baer’s visit

French actor Edouard Baer was in Geneva last week. We had the honour and pleasure of welcoming him to the Auberge de Savièse.

Santiago sous le charme de Jane Birkin

Jane and Dolly’s cheese fondue

This week, we were greatly honoured with the visit of actress and singer Jane Birkin who was staying in Geneva for the Anitgel Festival. Jane came to the Auberge de Savièse to enjoy a cheese fondue.

Marcarena Gomet at the Auberge de Savièse

Macarena Gomez

Famous Spanish actress Macarena Gomez came to the Auberge de Savièse to taste our cheese fondue. Visit her website on https://www.macarenagomez.es/en/

Quebec televsision shooting

Quebec TV

A Quebec Television Network crew came to the Auberge de Savièse to do a film on Swiss cuisine.

Ice Legends 2016

Stéphane Lambiel returns

For the second year in a row, Stéphane Lambiel and the Ice Legends team visit Auberge the Savièse to enjoy a chees fondue.

Ice Legends Autographes

The Ice Legends visit us

An evening with Stéphane Lambiel and the whole Ice Legends team who were staying in Geneva during their ice skating show.