Clean & Safe Label

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Switzerland is in a transitional phase – from semi-containment to progressive easing. In this context, the need for information regarding safety and hygiene regulations remains high. In order to strengthen the confidence of Swiss and foreign guests in the aspects of hygiene and safety in tourism, the industry’s associations have created the Clean & Safe label. This initiative was launched by Swiss Tourism (ST) and the label informs guests that the hosting facility has committed to adhering to protection concepts.

At the Auberge de Savièse, we guarantee the following protection concepts and guidelines:

  • All of our staff (kitchen and room) wear masks throughout the duration of their service. The cooks also wear their masks during the preparation of the dishes before the service begins.
  • Distance between the tables of 2 meters minimum, or protective plexiglass when this is not possible following the standards recommended by Gastrosuisse (50 cm on each side of the table with a minimum height of 70 cm from the table surface or 1.50 m from the floor)
  • Everyone in the restaurant cleans their hands regularly and changes masks if necessary
  • Provision of hydro-alcoholic solution for all customers in various areas of the restaurant
  • QR codes are available for reading the menu directly on the smartphone
  • Regular cleaning of surfaces and objects after use (salt, pepper pots, menus, …)
  • Regular cleaning of contact surfaces (door handles, payment terminal, benches, chairs, …)
  • Regular cleaning of the toilets (minimum 3 times a day)
  • Change of tablecloths at the start of each new work day
  • Appropriate protection for particularly vulnerable persons
  • Temperature reading for staff on arrival at the restaurant and dismissal of sick people to their home with a mask, and following the FOPH’s instructions regarding isolation
  • For groups of more than 4 people, contact information will be taken from one of the members of the group in order to facilitate future tracing
  • Keeping regularly informed of the latest specific aspects of work and work situations related to COVID-19 in order to ensure the protection of clients and employees
  • Informing employees and other interested parties about the new federal regulations and measures
  • Implementation of these requirements in order to ensure that protective measures are enforced and adjusted efficiently and rapidly

Furthermore, we invite all our customers to strictly comply with the recommendations below:

  • Hand hygiene: Wash or disinfect your hands upon entry into the restaurant
  • Stand at the waiting point until an employee comes to seat you at your table
  • Maintain safety distances using the ground markings: if possible, maintain a distance of two metres with other groups
  • Respect the maximum number of persons in the toilets
  • Payment: if possible, use cashless and no-contact payment methods
  • Seating: all guests must be seated or take away their order
  • Closing hours: the restaurant closes at midnight

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