Enjoy Malakoffs at the Auberge de Savièse

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Malakoffs are small cheese fritters, specialties from canton of Vaud and more particularly of the Côte Vaudoise region.

The origin of Malakoff dates back to the Crimean War. Numerous soldiers of Swiss origin were in the ranks of the French and English armies, which besieged the Malakoff Fort in the city of Sebastopol for 11 months. To feed themselves at the bivouac they used to make fried cheese in a pan.

Once back home, the former soldiers met to commemorate the victory of Sebastopol. On this occasion they gathered around a campfire and enjoyed slices of cheese fried in a pan as they use to do back in the camps in Crimea. This is how Malakoff’s name was given to this cheese-based dish.

Today, the Auberge de Savièse offers the Malakoffs, either by the piece, or as a menu : a mixed salad served with two Malakoffs.

Menu Malakoff
Menu Malakoff

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