Cheese Fondues

Our half and half fondue can be served without alcohol

«Half & Half» cheese fondue

Gruyère AOP (raw milk) and vacherin AOP (thermised milk)

House cheese fondue

100% Gruyère AOP

Goat cheese fondue (lactose free)

Served with boiled potatoes, grape and apples

Tomato cheeese fondue

Served with boiled potatoes

Champagne cheese fondue

Morel mushrooms cheese fondue

Green pepper and shallots cheese fondue

Boletus mushrooms cheese fondue

Cashew fondue (vegan)

Meat Fondues

Bourguignonne Fondue

Beef (210g per person), homemade sauces and French fries

Chinese fondue

Thin slices of beef (300g per person), homemade sauces, French fries or rice

Fondue Savièsarde

Marinated beef (260g per person), homemade sauces and French fries

Raclette and Cheese Dishes

Raclette AOP (3 servings)

Served with pickles, onions and boiled potatoes

Raclette Menu

Small “Valais” plate and 3 portions of Raclette AOP

Royale “croûte”

Cheese, ham and egg

Le Rustique du Savièse

Pasta, potatoes, Gruyère AOP, bacon IGP from Valais and cream, served with a green salad


Cheese fritter – by the piece or served with a salad

Swiss Style

Perch fillets

Our daily special, every Friday

Smoked trout from Valais

Served with toast and green salad

Veal “émincé à la Zurichoise”

Served with homemade röstis and green salad

Longeole IGP from Geneva

Sausage made from pork and fennel seeds, served with Geneva green lentils and a small green salad

Valais dried meat

Special “Valais” plate

Homemade röstis