Traditional and family style cooking

The Auberge de Savièse offers a traditional and family-style cooking. In order to ensure the best quality, we attach great importance to the choice of ingredients that we use. Whenever possible, we take pride in purchasing our products from local artisans and producers. Cheeses for our fondues and raclettes come from suppliers of Valais and Fribourg, with whom we have been collaborating for many years and who have our total confidence.

In fact, thanks to his know-how and after more than one full year of research, one of our cheese makers developed a unique cooking method to produce a soft and tasty goat cheese fondue.

Last, but not least, the distinctive style of our food owes a lot to the experience of our chef, Mathias Bigot. He is the creator of our specialty the Rustique de Savièse that you won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else.

Below is a selection of our Swiss specialties
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Cheese Fondues

Our half and half fondue can be served without alcohol

«Half & Half» cheese fondue

50% Gruyère AOP (raw milk) and 50% vacherin AOP (thermised milk)

House cheese fondue

100% Gruyère AOP

Goat cheese fondue (lactose free)

Served with boiled potatoes, grape and apples

Tomato cheeese fondue

Served with boiled potatoes

Champagne cheese fondue

Morel mushrooms cheese fondue

Green pepper and shallots cheese fondue

Boletus mushrooms cheese fondue

Meat Fondues

Bourguignonne Fondue

Beef (210g), homemade sauces and French fries

Chinese fondue “all you can eat”

Thin slices of beef, homemade sauces, French fries or rice

Bacchus Fondue “all you can eat”

Beef and poultry, homemade sauces and French fries

Raclette and Cheese Dishes

Raclette portion

Served with pickles, onions and boiled potatoes

Raclette Menu

Small “Valais” plate and 3 portions of Raclette

Royale “croûte”

Cheese, ham and egg


Cheese fritter – by the piece or served with a salad

Swiss Style

Perch fillets

Our daily special, every Friday

“Le Rustique du Savièse”

Gruyère cheese, roasted potatoes, pasta, bacon and cream, served with a green salad

Veal “émincé à la Zurichoise”

Served with homemade röstis and a green salad

Valais dried meat

Special “Valais” plate

Homemade röstis