Raclette at the Auberge de Savièse

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According to the legend, it was a winegrower named “Leon” who invented the raclette. On a cold winter’s evening he put a few potatoes to cook in the hot coals as he was preparing a dinner party. Unfortunately, the cheese had been kept to close to the hearth and melted. He sliced up the potatoes and scraped the melted cheese onto a plate. Raclette was born.

At the Auberge de Savièse, we serve raclette the traditional way: using half wheels of cheese as yxou can see on these photos.

Auberge de Savièse - Raclette
The half wheel of cheese is placed in front of a gas stove to melt the cheese in a uniform manner.
Auberge de Savièse - Raclette
The cheese is generously scraped onto a plate.
Auberge de Savièse - Raclette
The plate is placed on a stove to keep it wam.
Auberge de Savièse - Raclette
The cheese is scraped a second time to complete the portion.
Auberge de Savièse - Raclette
Raclette is served with potatoes, onions and pickles. Best is to enjoy a Swiss white wine to go with it.


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